About us

The Association Fritidsgården Klubbensborg was founded in 1938 by four congregations belonging to the Mission Covenant Church of Sweden. Over the years, the number of members varied and congregations belonging to the Swedish Baptist Union have joined.

The association currently consists of seven congregations belonging to the Uniting Church in Sweden and one belonging to the youth organization Equmenia.

The objectives of our association are to:

  • on behalf of the members  run the daily operations as well as represent the members to make the Church visible in the community and to facilitate contacts with association members if desired
  • offer meeting places for recreation, reflection and consideration to people from different generations and different cultures
  • take social responsibility, for example by, to the extent possible, providing employment for young people and people who have been marginalized from the labor force for a long time
  • manage the buildings in such a way that they can be used for various events and activities
  • arrange different kinds of cultural events.