Welcome to Lindholmen!

– where time stood still
Within a 20 minute boat ride from the City Hall you will reach Lindholmen, a small island in Lake Mälaren. The island is decked with wonderful buildings from the end of the 19th century. It is truely untouched by time, there is neither running water nor modern bathroom facilities but the environment is incredibly relaxing. The island is today perfectly suited for parties, excursions and kick-offs. For those not in the need of modern luxuries the smaller houses can be rented for some days of vacation.

How to get there

On the island is a ferry pier and you can get there with the Drottningholm ferry from the dock at the City Hall, noting, however, that only certain tours stop at the island. Another option is to use your own or a rented boat; this is more or less necessary to get there during evenings.

Who owns Lindholmen

Fritidsgården Klubbensborg owns the buildings on Lindholmen and is responsible for the management of the island.


The public is welcome to swim at the beaches and stay on the island, at daytime 9-17, but not next to the houses. At other times it is only permitted for those who rented the island to stay there. The public refers, in this case, to individuals in non-organized activities. If you want to use the island for organized outdoor activities it must be booked and we will charge a fee. It is not permitted to light fires on the island and you can only barbecue if you rent one of the houses on the island and then one of the safe grills. It is strictly forbidden to consume any kind of alcoholic beverages at Lindholmen.

Cooperation with Klara Church

Since a number of years Fritidsgården Klubbensborg cooperates with Klara Church. which carries out part of its diaconal work there, mainly the work directed to women, children and adolescents. Klara Church is responsible for the daily management of the island and makes sure it is a nice and pleasant place. Klara Church also organizes a variety of different activities. As many participants of these activities have had an addiction problem or are on their way out of one it is of the utmost importance that our rules regarding alcohol consumption on the island are followed. If you want to know more about the Klara Church activities you will find information on www.klarakyrka.se

What do I do if I want to rent Lindholmen?

We are very careful to whom and for what purpose we rent out the island since there are very special circumstances. For more information about this and our prices, please contact us at reception@klubbensborg.se or phone 08-646 12 55.