At Klubbensborg we have diffrent types of hostel rooms with 2 to 6 beds. WiFi available.

Type of accommodation Price/night SEK
2-bed room 500
3-bed room* with kitchenette 760
3-bed room* with option to bring 2 dogs 660  +  50/dog
4-bed room with wc and sink 980
6-bed room 1 320

* One extra bed 150 SEK/night.

We offer self-catering to groups less than 15 members. For groups larger than 35 members we offer our facility at Gålö.


Bedsheets and towels must be provided by the guest or rented from us.

Optional Price SEK
Bedsheets/set 100
Towel 20

Please observe that sleeping bags are not allowed.


Breakfast is served 8-10 and must be booked in advance

Optional Price/pers SEK
Breakfast plate 80
Breakfast buffé, minimum of 10 persons 120

We reserve the right to change prices.